Gyaku-Nami-Do was developed through studies of various forms of Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo, Aikido & Kobujutsu (weaponry) and therefore may be described as an “eclective art”, one that borrows the “best techniques from several different systems”.   But never before has there been a system that embraces such an extensive repertoire of techniques… nor has the coordination of such seemingly opposite philosophies been blended together so masterfully.


    Striking and grappling, speed and power,  “hard” and “soft” elements are not just thrown together into one system, but can be applied to every individual technique.  For example, in Gyaku-Nami-Do you will find blocking techniques that are both hard and soft, kicking techniques that are both fast and powerful, and striking techniques that also act as throwing techniques, sending your opponent crashing to the ground.


    Because of this unique crossover, Gyaku-Nami-Do has been described by some Martial Arts Masters as the Missing Link between Karate & Kung-Fu. 


    Gyaku-Nami-Do is a recognized branch of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and is our most demanding program.  With an instructional style not unlike the Marine Corps, this is the ideal Martial Art for the serious student.


    Gyaku-Nami-Do places an equal emphasis on all aspects of  “stand-up” fighting as well as the grappling arts, including blocks, strikes, kicks, stances/movement, rolls/falls, hold-downs, throws/projections, blood chokes, controls & joint locks, etc.